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Releasing with bugs? Ok, it happens to everyone
Releasing with non functional AI? Ok, it just means it is a bad product in this area
Releasing with non consistent frame rate? Ok, happens to most open world games, like GTA4 and GTA5 on PS3.
Releasing with such a bad performance and bugs that the game is actually non playable on base consoles (at least on release) and lying about the state of the game on those platforms where most of the sales would come from, hiding the game from investors and the public to, on purpose, trick people thinking it was alright? That's just absolutely horrible. They should have been clear to investors and the public that, yes, it would take more time to polish it as base versions were not on par to what they expected. Stock would shrink but that would be temporary and no harm would be caused except for the studio executives. Which would be temporary.

I get what they said, that they thought they would be able to put the game on a playable state through a day 1 patch but in the end they failed to do so. And to be fair, a lot of optimization has already happened since release. But it was a gamble and they should never have chosen this path.

Investors were putting the pressure to release? Too bad, thats your choice when you decided to go public. Seriously, some companies should avoid going public and just stay as private.