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HigHurtenflurst said:

If i'm reading it correctly the top 9 consoles are the difference in LTD sales to the PS4s 84th (85th?) month, so it's 34mil behind DS but ahead of everything else at the equivalent point in it's life... then the final 3 consoles will just be comparing The LTD at their most recent November, to the equivalent PS4 November (probably need to separate them more visually somehow , maybe put in something to note which year is being compared)

Hmm, looking at WiiU (& possibly Vita) I think I got that wrong unless it's a mistake in the table, as the gap between PS4 & WiiU should be at over 100m by 85th month, but instead you seem to have based that on WiiUs early death (it's 6th November)

Obviously you have to compare the newer consoles with a shorter time period, but I think it would be better to just continue WiiU sales as 0 every month after it's death so it ends up being equivalent to the other older consoles. (same with Vita if it's not already)