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TheBraveGallade said:
Agente42 said:

Loses the Japanese market maybe result in loss of all Asian Market. 

I'd have said otherwise, considering the straglehold sony had even when the ds/wii/wiiU/3ds dominated in japan.

but now..? yeah they're just going to lose asia at this rate.

At least in this quarter of the world, sony flubbing vita was the killing blow to thier marketshare.

especially when they made this happen in the first place, asians started to see that a home console is unnessisary becasue the psp existed, and now who's reaping the benefits?

When have DS/3Ds sony have good sales combining, psp/ps3 or ps3/ps4/vita pipeline. Now this production, mid games, migrated or multiplatform scene with Switch. The PlayStation brand does not sell 1 million consoles in one year.