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dmillos said:
RolStoppable said:

Here's something to work with. You'll have to put pieces together in order to get global sales.


Thank you @RolStoppable !

Thank you for sharing this data with me. It took me a little while, but I think it has some cool information. 

Regarding the conversation we are having about Nintendo Legs, there are two consoles here that are amazing, the NES and the Gameboy. Both have a little bit of an asterix besides them, but in any way both of them sold a lot, for a long time!

I see you are doing a lot of analysis of the data, especially what percentage of sales come during a system's 2nd 60 months.  I would ask that you look at the year each of these systems had their sales peak.  I think you will find a strong correlation here.  The systems that peak later tend to have a greater % of sales in the second 60 months.

I am saying this because Switch is obviously peaking later than most Nintendo systems.  If Switch is peaking this year, then we can still expect a large % of sales to be in the second 60 months.