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Alby_da_Wolf said:

I expected the BOTW example and I totally expect Ninty 1st party devs to use available power more efficiently than anybody else, but:

1) After Ninty HW designers themselves, they are the ones that know their HW best
2) Ninty 3rd party exclusive devs most probably come second in efficiency, but they'll run out of power before 1st parties
3) Further down 3rd party multiplats devs will have to sacrifice some efficiency for portability, even the most frugal and efficient ones
4) Deep optimisation is time consuming, small teams will need to accept compromises for lack of manpower
5) Eventually, 1st parties too will want more power

All the aforementioned stuff can influence, with different weights, Ninty's decisions on next gen schedule, even totally ignoring 3rd party AAA devs overblown needs.

BTW, late2023/2024 would be 6.5-7 years, not a short lifecycle as main console anyway, and after that NS will easily have at least another 3 years as last gen entry level offer, unless Ninty decide for an earlier death. But I don't expect a record long lifecycle, this gives competitors a chance of outselling it lifetme despite never reaching its peak. A chance, not a certainty, as HW power can extend POTENTIAL lifetime, but it's not by any means a guarantee of success.

That's kind of the point Nintendo designed their hardware to best suit themselves so they can support it better and that's the first of only two factors that's going to matter to them when deciding their schedule the other factor is how much of their library old and new they've released. To put it simply Nintendo is dancing to its own theme and no one else's and anyone who wants to join in has already accepted that's the theme that will play for the platform's run which is why power to them is not a problem because they already set out an ecosystem where that was never the focus so it mainly attracts and retains those not reliant on the power approach.

Nintendo doesn't need AAA titles because they have the best alternatives which is their first party the NS didn't get the likes of GTA or RDR but got BOTW and its sequel, it didn't get FFXV but got Xenoblade 2 and DE all the while it won't get FFXVI but Monolith already have another project on the way, it didn't get DMCV but got Astral Chain and Bayo 3 etc... All the while the AA titles have found either a preferred position on NS or treat it as a must for their projects.