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Wyrdness said:
Alby_da_Wolf said:

Unlike portable devs, that are usually happy with the power Ninty delivers for the whole gen even if it lasts very long, 3rd party home console devs tend to become power-hungry faster even when they develop exclusive games. Graphics power isn't a problem in portable and hybrid case, but main RAM size and CPU power eventually start limiting what can be done in a game. AA devs become power-hungry later than AAA ones, but they eventually do. Small devs and indies come last, but they most probably are the only ones that could remain happy with 4GB RAM for home console games for a whole long gen when the bare minimum everywhere else is 8GB and it's going to become 12GB in a couple of years. I perfectly know that 3rd party home console games are a minority of NS library, but Ninty will want to keep home devs with more reasonable desires happy. Anyhow, I don't predict a short life for NS, NS2 could arrive in late 2023 or early 2024 and NS keep on selling as entry-level for another two years at least. 130-140M for NS looks reasonable, while now a late final price cut must not be too late for PS4 to reach 125M, but with expanded market, not making big mistakes and doing the final price cut more timely, PS5 could outsell it by a little more than 10% lifetime.
Anyhow, it's too early to tell if launch sales will be followed, when supply catches up, by proportionally good average sales through PS5 lifecycle, this rough prediction can become true only if record launch isn't just an isolated peak.

The power hungry developers you speak of are hardly on the Switch to begin with if a developer wanted power Switch isn't the first platform they go to at all what they do will have no bearing on its performance do you know why Switch has so many AA and indie titles? It's because they barely can get a look in other platforms, PS and XB brands have helped pushed the AAA notion so much that the majority of players who purchase the platforms mainly focus of such high budget title the result is anything not in the same ball park tends to get overshadowed hence the one factor that offsets this is the Switch where AAA focus is not a thing this is why games like Hollow Knight and other similar titles put Switch ahead of PS4 and X1 in most cases.

These developers aren't concerned with pushing hardware they're more focused on pushing concepts ask yourself what is more power going to add to games like Octopath or Silk Song? Nintendo aren't concerned about what developer is happy or not because they learnt with the WiiU that trying to please developer is a fruitless task for them so instead with the switch they moved on to make sure things were perfect for one particular developer themselves their own consolidated support is enough to carry their platform to a position where it becomes too big for some entities to ignore

Trying to please AAA devs that are never happy is fruitless, I agree, but while turn based combat and also some new concepts can be implemented with little HW power, others require more, and even many frugal 1st and 3rd party devs will eventually start needing some more CPU power and main RAM, I'm not talking about graphics, but, for example, larger gaming worlds with higher level of interactivity, better AI, more items and NPCs. And I'm not even talking about now, but late 2023 or early 2024.

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