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vivster said:

Politicians in the US cannot secede because it is not their decision to make. Splitting up a country is bad for business and big business is paying them.

The good thing here is that they don't have a spine or any conviction. That means as soon as they realize that their plans will hurt them in any way they will just drop it and blame the democrats for stopping them.

And locking down entire states on and off for 9 months is also really bad for business (although it's great for big businesses like Amazon, WALMART, COSTCO)

The election is a source of possible unrest and uprising but so are the lockdown policies that are destroying peoples lives and they're mostly worst in democrat run cities and states.How is NYC doing? Why are people fleeing California? Breakdown of USA into separate entities is quite possible but election is unlikely to be the main cause, my opinion it will be due to the economic damage, restrictions and laws enacted due to lockdowns over a virus that 99.99% of people under 60 survive in the first place.