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polofresco said:

2.Xbox Series X/S sold 14100 in its first week in Spain. Xbox Series X sold 10500 and Xbox Series S sold 3600.

Apparently the Xbox One, when it launched did more than 15k its first week (in spain).
The combo of Series X+S, doing 14,1k is actually down compaired to Xbox One launch in spain.

Same is true in US, France, and a few other countries in the EU.

Darwinianevolution said:

How the fuck is Fortnite beating FIFA so soundly? Nevermind the fact it's a free game beating a paid one in sales, but it's FIFA we're talking about here.

Fortnite is big. It wont last though (imo).
In a year or two, people that play fornite will have moved on.
While people that enjoy FIFA games will still be playing those.