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Sogreblute said:

Whoever is running the Stadia Twitter has been having a real good week. I know people hate Stadia (or the idea of Stadia), but you cannot deny that it's the best version (aside from PC) to play on.
Right now if you have Ubisoft + (Ubisoft's subscription for PC) you can play all Ubisoft games on Stadia with no extra charge, which is kinda the same as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate where you get to stream Game Pass games at no extra charge. People praise Xbox for this, so I expect the same energy for Stadia. It's also available on Luna (Amazon's streaming service).

While I personally won't use Stadia you at least have to give it to them for this week.

Nope it is not the same. You need two subs to play those Ubi games on Stadia. On Xbox you only need one sub and all content there can be streamed.

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