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Leynos said:
GripnRip said:

Have any of you trashing it on Stadia actually tried Stadia recently? It has fully replaced my Switch as my on the road platform. Via phone or laptop (chromebook for me) it plays great as long as you have a stable connection. I haven't played Cyberpunk on it, but I've put over 100 hours into Destiny 2 just on Stadia. Can't wait till there's cross platform play so I can hook up with my Playstation clan while I'm out of the house.

I don't care if it's 8k and comes with a free toaster. Stadia's very model is offensive to ownership. Google kills a lot of things and Stadia is no doubt going dead within a couple of years. I'd gladly sacrifice some resolution for actual ownership. Paying full price for old games you don't own is idiotic to me and offensive. When at any point they can take that away from you. I have google fiber, it's nice when it works but the regular blackouts sucks. Every couple of weeks to at least once a month it goes down for a few hours. I can still play the games I own. Could not do that with Stadia...another Google service...and recently as a couple of days ago Google has a massive outage. So yeah Stadia sucks.

Yep, if Stadia was a service like Xcloud or PSNow it would be fine, you just pay like netflix to play wherever with what is available on the service. If it was like GeForce it would also be good, you buy the games wherever you want and just hire the running of the game out of Stadia. But Stadia want both at the same time but not with the benefits of both side but mainly with the downside of both.

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