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My backlog is so big that I can almost always afford to wait for budget editions, or even better, heavy discounts on collection and GotY editions including all the major expansions and DLCs. BTW, before 7th gen Italian versions of PC games always were very late, my first gaming purchase on Amazon was Morrowind GotYE, that in UK already was 50% discounted when here the basic version without expansions still was full priced. Before Amazon, I used to buy UK, and later Italian too, gaming magazines bundled with games. I have both Steam (probably now lost, after finishing Half-Life and expansions and upgrading the PC, I haven't reinstalled the client after the problems the early versions gave) and GOG accounts, but I always prefer physical or GOG versions to Steam ones.

Last edited by Alby_da_Wolf - on 15 December 2020

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