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S.Peelman said:

I was in San Francisco a couple years ago. Felt like we landed in an episode of The Walking Dead. We'd even joke about it, already bad by day, there was this whole gathering behind our hotel below our window at night. Kind of creepy.

In LA I only went to Santa Monica and drove through Hollywood, where it wasn't as bad, I guess, but I suppose it's similar in Downtown LA or wherever.

Bold: It is. Visited downtown LA with family for 2 weeks in Summer 2016 and we were all quite surprised. The financial district is shiny and new but just outside that area it's pretty rough with hundreds of homeless people in some of the big streets.

Hopefully, the US will improve conditions for people without homes and health care in due time. Seeing this in "the World's richest country" felt wrong. In Denmark, we have the World's highest tax rate but that doesn't stop people from getting rich (Denmark is number 6 in the World regarding most $ millionaires per capita). But everyone feels obliged to give back to society considering we all get state financed health care, education, pension, unemployment benefits, educational grant, etc.

It blows my mind to hear how taxes are practically non-existent for some of the most wealthy people and corporations in the US. For years, Bill Gates and others have warned the US government that the taxes are far too low but nothing seems to change.