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DonFerrari said:

He got banned while dishing personal attacks, so nope I don't think everyone that disagrees with me is in bad faith, in fact I don't think you are in bad faith, but he was in bad faith and wasn't even discussing with me on the topic he was much more discussing with PotentHerb. You may not see the downplaying because for you it is clear Nintendo is far of reach so you don't see the dismissal way he talked of Sony sales that perhaps he wouldn't use if Nintendo comparison wasn't used (and not sure why getting so defensive over someone saying Sony is entering a Nintendo level of sales, which by the time of the original thread discussing it was many games selling 10-15M range, but then to defend Nintendo this goalpost have been moved to 50M).

I never argued in bad faith, what is sad is that you would rather discuss my "bad faith" than my actual points. You only came to create a narrative for me and then Pikashoe tore it apart. Potentherbs despite the bullshit he was spewing atleast presented something besides hurt feelings unlike you. You simply don't like my tone about Sony sales lol, so you got all butthurt and came after my banning. Theres no downplaying, in one of my previous post with Potent I gave Spiderman and a ton of other Sony titles 25 million potential. I simply stated if a dead platform(PS4) can still provide that much more life for Sony's first party, then obviously a platform(Switch) in route to surpassing PS4 and still in its peak can clearly provide more life for its titles. Im sure in "route to surpassing PS4" will trigger you though lol. No one is getting defensive of Sony entering Nintendo level, we simply disagree but Nintendo didn't just stand still. Im sure thats what really hurts though, when Sony improved so did Nintendo. That's not moving the goalpost, thats raising the bar! 

What are you even getting at with your 10-15M range? Are you saying when Spiderman hit 20M, Nintendo's titles were only in the 10 to 15M range? That's a blatant lie if thats what you are saying. I find it funny Sony fans want to put Sony on Nintendo level by comparing Sony's top seller to Nintendo 4th best lol. For example, why should a Nintendo fan ignore Mario Kart and Animal Crossing because Sony has nothing on that level? Potentherb seems to acknowledge Sony games legs but doesn't do the same for Nintendo. He was also completely off on how much Nintendo's titles have already sold to begin with. Are you no different? Will you tell me how Horizon and TLOU II will crawl to 20 M but Zelda BOTW cant get no higher than 25M despite the Switch having around 3 or more years without a successor and then its dying years(PS4's current situation)? I noticed Sony fans don't ever even provide evidence of what they believe. Put together a chart and compare them. Here i'll start it for you.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (50 million, 60 million if WiiU version is included) currently 29 million as of Sept TLOU (25 million, has its remaster included) 20 million confirmed
Animal Crossing (50 million) currently 26 million as of Sept  Spiderman (25 million) 20 million speculated
Smash (30 - 35 million) currently 21 million as of Sept  GoW (25 million) 20 million speculated
Poke S&S (25 - 30 million) 19 million as of Sept TLOU II (20 million) speculated
Zelda BOTW (25 - 30 million) 19.7 million as of Sept Uncharted 4 (25 million)
Mario Ody (25 - 30 million) 19 million as of Sept Horizon?
Zelda BOTW II (25 million) speculated GT Sport?

Im gonna need your help on those other titles with the question mark. I simply cannot fathom why Potentherb can't see these Switch titles reaching these heights after seeing how much they have already sold before the Switch enters its very likely to be its highest quarter. Of course he is willing to believe any speculation that comes Sony way and some how a dying console still has all this life left in it. He's willing to acknowledge combining the sales of remasters for Sony (Spiderman PS4/PS5 & TLOU PS3/PS4) but consistently ignored Mario Kart 8 combined sales? But im the one downplaying? The issue is quite simple, Sony fans want to compare the lifetime sales of Sony's titles on PS4 to Switch but Switch hasn't lived a full life span. Usually software peaks after hardware which means Switch software peaks haven't even hit yet. PS4 is at the end of its life, time to accept those PS4 games don't have much time left. 

In summary, Nintendo top tier not only peak higher but Nintendo is more consistent in their releases and sells a much higher total volume. Sony is simply not getting closer but they are getting better. If Sony fans weren't so obsessed with comparison's to Nintendo then maybe Spiderman could celebrate its achievement.

❌ BANNED (1 week): Continued need to Flame/Troll users/generalizing a fanbase

Last edited by CGI-Quality - on 16 December 2020