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Shaunodon said:

Paying it on Xbox One X since Midnight December 10th (will be playing it on PC afterwards), I've experienced all the bugs and issues most would've, and while that's definitely taken away from the experience at times, the game has managed to blow me away a lot more than it's issues have deflated me.

It's easy for some to come here and criticise releasing this game too early, in the state it's in, when you were never that invested in wanting to play it, and actually seem rather invested in wanting to see it fail for some reason. Having wanted to play this for a long time now, I'd take being able to play the game in it's current state any day, rather than having to see it delayed for another year, and innevitably released only for next-gen.

Have you considered there are many people invested in finally getting a good sci-fi RPG again, polished like Death Stranding yet with CDPR's quest design. Then to see it released in such a state with all the broken promises is a huge letdown.

I'm happy for you that it doesn't take away from your experience, however for those wanting to experience a polished bug free game, the element of playing a new game has been taken away. Sure the game will be fixed and get better, yet it will never feel new anymore with so much footage and talk around already.

Plus instead of having threads discussing the exciting things about Cyberpunk, the whole experience is currently shrouded in negativity for good reason. CDPR has really dropped the ball, even pitting gamers against each other, with the usual 'it runs fine for me, must be your hardware'

Thanks for being honest and not brushing the bugs and issues under the rug. I wish I wasn't so invested in sci-fi and rpgs, then I wouldn't care about the game. At least CDPR has a good track record to improve their games after release, but it won't feel new anymore. The investors are happy anyway.