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axumblade said:

Kinda wondering if the PS4 Pro plays any better than the PS4 they used (or did they use Pro and just not say it). I honestly wonder if they just released the 8 gen version just out of fear of backlash. Either way, can't wait for the port.

I do not think they showed the Pro, but I imagine it would be like the One X.  Clearer image, but struggles to maintain 30 fps consistently.  Given that the Series X and PS5 are essentially running the One X and Pro versions via BC, I imagine that based on the image quality shown we were looking at the base PS4 and X1 versions.  They did show One X footage, and it looked more comparable to the XSX as far as how crisp the game was.  It just failed to hold 30 fps.

I think there are two reasons to why they released them on gen 8.  One is to avoid backlash, and two is because the new consoles are still growing player bases.  However I definitely think they could have still delayed it to let the new platforms grow, as there are still plenty of other bugs to iron out (another reason I am not holding off for the next gen patch, because god knows they have bigger things to worry about leaving it pretty far off).  This also could have avoided the crunch as well.

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