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heavenmercenary01 said:
carlos710 said:

Well battle in Japan is over before it even started.. and 2021 should be even better for the Switch. Great news for Nintendo and its fans

Well, i personally think that they'll seriously start to fiercely money hat major licenses and make them time exclusive. For now they have two timed exclusivities from Square Enix one of which lasts "At least two years".

God knows what kind of attack they could manage to regain the market in japan, or worse, to sabotage it for nintendo.

They've got Square Enix as their major biatch to bring them full support, from software and many other jap third parties that would systematically put games on Playstation exclusively.

Till now, Square didn't put any decent effort on the switch, and probably won't. Even the Barevely default 2 is looking bad to what it was expected and to what is mainly brought on playstation.  

That's not going to do much, if anything, in Japan.  The PS4 got almost every major title as an exclusive there save for Nintendo published titles and look where that got them.

Last edited by wombat123 - on 10 December 2020