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1. Are you comfortable sharing your online data? No. But then again, it's not something I care much about

2. Do you make sure you share as little as possible? No 

3. Do you use incognito mode or a VPN? VPN I guess? 

4. Is Big Data enriching your life? Huh?

5. How did targeted ads murder your dog? It just targeted it, just like that. I couldn't do anything about it because it happened too quickly 😞

6. Do you share your data only with specific entities or countries? I don't know, I click stuff 

7. What's your biggest fear when giving away data on the internet? Some bastard is gonna track me down and kill me.

8. Do you actually think you are doing enough to protect your data? No

9. What are your personal benefits of keeping all that data to yourself? I have no clue 

If you require alcohol to have fun, then you have a problem