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Today, when I logged into gmail I got a notification and an interesting question from google. It asked me if I wanted to keep using the "smart features" of gmail or if I'd like to turn them off. Then asked again for all other google services like maps and stuff. They explain the smart features are the stuff that sort mails into categories automatically, block stuff and correlate mails, for example mapping out a trip you've planned and keep track of your hotel bookings. They claim turning those features off might decrease overall performance.

I thought this proposition was quite interesting considering they have used those features for years without specifically asking me. So of course I did the smart(HAHA!) thing and kept all of the features across all of their services on, duh.

This reminded me of all the people I know and all the people out there that get triggered by privacy issues and data collections. So I wanted to chat a bit and see what your stance on all this is.

Are you comfortable sharing your online data?

Do you make sure you share as little as possible?

Do you use incognito mode or a VPN?

Is Big Data enriching your life?

How did targeted ads murder your dog?

Do you share your data only with specific entities or countries?

What's your biggest fear when giving away data on the internet?

Do you actually think you are doing enough to protect your data?

What are your personal benefits of keeping all that data to yourself?

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