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toru_bozu said:
xPhenom08x said:

Does Xbox platforms reach that height of sales, playstation consoles do? Thats kind of the point I was making in the post, those 3rd parties sell consoles and Sony first party takes advantage. If Xbox platforms started selling 100 million, then maybe you would have a point. Obviousely 3rd party games cant push all consoles to 100 million plus. One of them is the loser and that is most of the time xbox, Halo doesnt get the 100 million install base playstation games get.

That's the thing. Didn't you originally said that, "Would Playstation as a platform be as big as it is without all of those 3rd party AAA titles?". So, why didn't it have the same affect on Xbox platform? Why it didn't reach that height of sales? Why only PS4? Xbox One also have AC, COD, FIFA, GTA and the big 3rd party AAA titles. But, why Xbox One "is the loser" and not PS4? Ever thought the reason probably because people prefer with Sony 1st party/ time exclusive titles? That's why PS4 platform propel more than 100+ million consoles & the 1st party titles sold gangbusters, not solely because of 3rd party titles that helping them and carrying the load as you said. Even you agreed, "3rd party games can't push all consoles to 100 million plus.". That's why Xbox One could not become the console with 100+ million install base instead of PS4, because they lack in exclusive titles that attract and entice many gamers (one of the reasons).

So, I agreed with PotentHerbs opinion. It is not a pathetic excuse and not as delusional as you attacked him. It is what it is. Sony titles indeed have big competition from other massive franchises. But, Spider-Man or other Sony titles can sell on its own. Obviously, there are other factors as well. But, it doesn't take the impressiveness of Spider-Man sold unit. Anyway, carry on. I'm just an onlooker and bemused 🙂

I think you aren't understanding what he said. He isn't saying that only 3rd party games sell Sony consoles. He is saying that they contribute to the hardware selling more. If you took gta, fifa, cod and other huge 3rd party games off of ps4 it is likely it would sell less. Which would mean that 1st party games have less people to sell to.