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PotentHerbs said:

Misquoting MK8 sales is still less of a travesty than you boasting about 50 Million lifetime sales. Hilarious to see you call me out for being a Sony fan when your post reeks of Nintendo fandom. 

Even with its current sales, in order for MK8 to hit 50 Million lifetime, it would need tremendous legs in 2021 and beyond. Essentially it would have to sell similarly to this year in 2021 and beyond, meaning MK8 is moving millions of units every quarter, Switch hardware and software sales don't drop year over year,  Nintendo releases absolutely nothing else until the Switch is replaced, and a potential MK9 is off the table. MK8 having legs doesn't mean it will be 2020 level legs. Or do you also expect the next BoTW or the next Mario to sell faster than Animal Crossing? It does seem like 40+ Million is possible but even then it looks like a long shot. 

Spiderman hitting 25 Million is a lot more likely than MK8 hitting 50 Million. Its one of the evergreen titles for the PS4, its a brand that is popular across various mediums that actually translates well to video games, and its family friendly. We know its above 20+ Million lifetime, most likely before this holiday season started, and was quoted at 13 Million back in August 2019 IIRC. Its routinely on sale and has two more holiday seasons to sell. Like I said, PS4 software sales aren't going to stop in 2021, especially for titles that have shown legs. It doesn't mean PS4 software sales will be better than Switch software sales in 2021. With the remaster, 35 - 40+ Million for Spiderman is on the table, depending on when Spiderman 2 releases. 

I wasn't downplaying Nintendo handheld sales. I simply stated why the comparison to consoles isn't equal due to different markets. How is acknowledging the different factors to a consoles success downplaying Nintendo IP? Its reality. I'll give Nintendo credit in that they can find some kind of novelty, such as the Wii and its motion controls, or create a new market, such as they did with the hybrid Switch console, that Sony would struggle with. But to attribute their success solely to their IP, and act like its some kind of feather in a cap when it comes to comparisons with Sony first party, that's just ignoring the market. 

Actually, God of War essentially is a confirmed figure, considering the NYTimes article is an interview with a Sony representative, who attributed their success to franchises like GoW (51 Million total franchise sales) & new IP's like GoT (5 Million+ by September). Another thing you're overlooking when it comes to this first party comparison is Sony has essentially birthed IP's with potential to sell over 20+ Million units in GoT & Horizon. This is happening while cultivating older IP's like GoW & Uncharted, IP's that used to tap out at 6 - 8 Million units, now becoming massively popular with recent entries in the 20 - 25+ Million range. I can see Spiderman 2 and God of War 2 hitting 30+ Million copies sold on the PS5. If I had to make a logical guess as to what Sony exclusives are at 20+ Million, I'd say Uncharted 4, God of War and Spiderman, with GoT and TLOU2 having a chance. 

I'll just reply to this as it hits most of the same points as your reply to me.

I really don't see the logic that spiderman will sell another 5 million on the ps4 but Mario kart selling another 10 million on switch is a long shot. Mario kart is Nintendo's most leggy game. The Wii version was still charting on Amazon until recent years. The release of the ps5 and the remaster are going to completely kill sales of the ps4 version. If I didn't already own the game I would just wait till I got a ps5 at this point.