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xPhenom08x said:
PotentHerbs said:

How can you say 30+ Million is out of reach for Sony titles but then try and put a qualifier on Spiderman because it has a remaster. Are you going to have that same qualifier for MK8? How about mentioning the fact that MK8 has been out since 2014 on the WiiU compared to SM releasing on the PS4 in 2018. Spiderman is one of the most popular franchises in the world, the game has reached 20+ Million two years since its launch, competing with massive franchises like RDR, COD, Fifa, Star Wars, as well as Sony's internal teams. Its legs aren't just going to drop off, even with the start of the new generation, the PS4 version could very well finish close to 25 - 30 Million, with the PS5 remaster selling an additional 10 - 15+ Million units. 

I wouldn't be so confident that Nintendo has more 30 Million sellers than Sony does 20 Million sellers, unless you're leaning on handheld sales. GoW, Uncharted 4, Horizon might end up with lifetime sales above 20 Million. GoW is already 20+ Million if the NY Times figure is accurate & so is TLOU if we include PS3 sales. TLOU Part II & GoT could end up clearing 20+ Million lifetime too. I don't see why these IP's can't grow even more during the PS5 generation. 

And yes, those standards are obscene, because the reality is most Nintendo titles aren't clearing 30+ Million lifetime. Why don't you tell me how some of Nintendo's biggest IP like BoTW, Smash, Mario Odyssey, Pokemon are doing in comparison to Animal Crossing? Looks like a lot of underwhelming performances using the bar you have Nintendo at. You're inflating the most successful Switch title, which benefitted from the extreme circumstances of this year & MK8 which is on multiple platforms, using it as a baseline for all of Nintendo's IP. Its a misleading comparison.

I pointed out Spiderman needing a remaster because remasters clearly boost lifetime sales. Which I also mentioned Mario Kart 8 having a separate release but will blow past 30 without the Wiiu version, while Spiderman clearly will need that to do the same. Mario and Spiderman in gaming clearly aren't in the same league lol. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe released in 2017 and is well in route to 40 or 50 million without the WiiU version. Adding Wiiu version makes this look stupid. Point was Mario doesn't need its multiplatformal release, Spiderman does. I could careless if you add the remaster, just do the same for Mario and compare. 

Are you sure all of that competition doesn't help Spiderman more than it hurts? Sony fans love this pathetic excuse but never think of the alternative. Would Playstation as a platform be as big as it is without all of those 3rd party AAA titles? Does all of that not allow Spiderman to sell to a bigger base, which it wouldn't have if those 3rd party games weren't selling millions of consoles. Could Sony's first party might still sell 120 million consoles, allowing Spiderman to reach the heights it does reach? We will never see the day Sony has to support their own platform, so lets drop the bullshit competition nonsense. Spiderman would probably sell less than 5 million if Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto wasn't too busy selling consoles better. So maybe Sony's first party games should be more grateful 3rd parties help them carry the load.

Leaning on handheld sales? Every Sony fan excuse rolled into one post lol. Why should Nintendo's handheld success not count? If selling handhelds was so easy, then Sony wouldn't have failed twice. Nintendo has multiple games sitting over 20 million on their handhelds while Sony has none, doesn't sound easy. Funny enough is all of that was pure speculation bullshit, yet you want to mention someone inflating something lol. Since we are just pulling figures out our ass, will Switch alone top what you just mentioned? Lets see, you said TLOU, TLOU II, Spiderman, Uncharted 4, Horizon, GoW, and GoT. I have MK8 Deluxe, Mario Ody, AC, BOTW, BOTW II, Smash, and Poke S&S. Sony has 7 potential 20 million sellers and only 1 of them even confirmed lol. Nintendo has 7 potential 30 million sellers on only Switch, 2 are already confirmed and will make 30 million look like childs play. Unlike Sony, Nintendo has no cap. Nintendo will have 50 million sellers, leagues higher than just 30 lol, while Sony currently hopes to even hit 25. Mario Kart and AC will probably challenge Sonys top 5 lmao. Atleast 100 million between the two, that will challenge Spidey (30), Uncharted 4 (25), TLOU (25), GoW (25), TLOU II (25). Those are good figures dude, but they seriously don't compare to Nintendo. Sony's franchises will grow but so will Nintendo or are you just to bitter to accept that?

I don't understand your constant mentioning of most Nintendo games dont sell 30 million? Neither do most Sony games sell 20. Those games don't have to sell as well as AC, Nintendo already has a title on Switch that has still sold more and will challenge it lifetime(Mario Kart). Sony doesnt have shit on the level of AC and Mario Kart. I guess you are trying to disqualify them and say Sony is comparable to the rest? Spidey, Uncharted, TLOU, GoW, GoT, and Horizon are comparable to BOTW, Mario Ody, Smash, and Poke? Thats still a no lol and why should I even disqualify Mario Kart and AC? How about you stop being bitter and realize Nintendo games hit higher heights AND have a higher quantity of releases! Sony makes less games and reach lower heights, does that sound like they sell as many games? 


So, what happened to Xbox and its 1st party titles? Where's the helping hand lol.