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Often I don't know when the music I'm listening was released. I just jump from one song to another, one band/artist to another or even one genre to another. I listen to what comes to mind or what I've previously seen recommended somewhere.

However, I can think of an album and a song that I do know were released this year. I'll choose a song from the album and post the other one now, and I'll be updating this whenever I remember (or happen to listen and like) a song from this year.

1. Memento Mori (Lamb of God).

2. Rowing With One Hand (Ye Banished Privateers).

3. Daughter Of A Rifleman (Vargas & Lagola).

4. Sneeztem Of A Yawn (Nanowar of Steel).

5. Zeus (Eminem).

6. El gordo que la pisa bien (Kase.O).

7. Genocidal Humanoidz (System Of A Down).


Wolf Totem (The HU feat. Jacoby Shaddix). This version of a song misses out on the list for only a couple of weeks, so it deserves an honorable mention. Nifty Mongolian voices and instruments well mixed with the American rock style.

And that's all. I've listened to a lot more music, but either it was old or I don't know the release year.


v.1) Adding Daughter Of A Rifleman (which makes two songs from this year that I discovered on these forums). Honorable mention to Wolf Totem.

v.2) Adding Sneeztem Of A Yawn (a song indirectly discovered thanks to VGChartz). Changing link for Daugther Of A Rifleman (unavailable video).

v.3, .4 & .5) Adding El gordo que la pisa bien, Zeus and Rowing With One Hand, respectively.

Last edited by Verter - on 17 April 2021

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