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Leynos said:

4th to 5th and then 5th to 6th in a close second. Original Xbox was able to do 1080i as well. So 360 was not the beginning of the HD era really.

I don't need to demonstrate 4th to 5th but 5th to 6th was still massive.

FF8 released the same year as Shenmue. 1999 It used pre-rendered backgrounds,had pixelated faces. Warping textures.

Shenmue was in real-time. Had lip-sync and physics. Individual fingers on hands. Manipulate objects in the wall or a table. So this is early 6th gen and late 5th gen which even then shows a massive leap. Not even fair to compare late 6th gen visuals tho.

Yeah, but you're comparing one of the best looking games on the Dreamcast to FF8... The FF series wasn't really a graphical showcase back then, except for things like summon sequences and FMV. 

1999 also had DK64

and FF8 wasn't really the best looking PS1 game of 1999 either.

Obviously not nearly the level of Shenmue, but closer than if you go by FF8.