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This one is a bit touchy.  The Series X has a massive and clear advantage here, but it is not due to hardware limitations.  Much like the foliage density being slightly better on the PS5 vs the XSX with Borderlands 3 due to legacy code between the two versions, the PS5 is now affected the exact same way.

XSX has better draw distance, texture filtering, has a 120 fps target mode, and runs at a solid 60 fps at native 4k.

The PS5 has no extra texture filtering, draw distance is the same as the PS4 Pro, and the resolution is locked to the highest setting that the PS4 Pro allowed (1528p).  It does also run at a solid 60 fps however, but lacks a 120 fps mode.

In this case, the Series X has perhaps the biggest advantage of any comparison thus far.  However like I said, this is likely due to software rather than hardware (and is why I preach that these early comparisons mean nothing as of yet regardless of the winner).  It is explained that the Series X is using the lagacy code from the One X, while the PS4 is using the legacy code on the Pro.

What is interesting however is that it seems the XSX may be doing more with its BC on a hardware level than the PS5 does.  This is because, despite using the same code, the XSX sees improvements in not only resolution and framerate over the One X, but also superior texture filtering and draw distance as well.  The PS5 however made no such enhancements to its respective version outside of higher resolution and more steady framerate.

Another interesting thing is that in 120 fps mode, the Series S maintains a higher frame rate than the Series X.  This is likely due to the Series S rendering less overall due to the fact that it uses the legacy code from the One S, while the Series X is based from the One X.

Last edited by Shiken - on 07 December 2020

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