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thismeintiel said:
Replicant said:

This aged horribly.

On two points. Not only about PS4 passing the Wii, but also about a long time for MS to sell the One X, which has been discontinued less than 3 years after it launched.

Even more so considering that these are not some premature guesses from before the launch. In mid 2017, people were actually predicting PS4 to sell less than 80m even though it was at ~60m at the time and was up year-on-year from 2016 where it sold 17.6m. 🤯

In those cases, it's difficult to follow the line of thought. I think we also have (or had?) some users believing that Switch won't hit 100m. Considering its crazy pace and that it only needs ~30m to get there, that's absolutely bonkers as well.