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yvanjean said:

Where are all the whiners complaining about Digital Foundry having a bias toward Microsoft.

DonFerrari if you're going to quote Digital Foundry don't butcher what is being said.

DonFerrari version "Seires X has single frame drops plus bigger dips in parametric camera option."
Digital Foundry: "Xbox Series X is a nice perfect 60 fps experience with occasional single frame drops here and there" "Parametric camera will suffer minor frame drop when viewed from a specific angle"

Again great job from Digital Foundry and seem like Xbox Series X still as some minor optimization issues that need to be fix.

I didn't quote them, I put a summary that someone gave.

Just look at the TLDR version, both versions are very much equal with PS5 having a minor advantage, that yes if you don't use that camera mode it doesn't even matter (seems like only people that play that carreer that you get stuck with a single char uses this camera).

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