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DonFerrari said:

So like expected a bunch of PS4 owners have either asked for free or paid PS5 owners to claim the PS Plus collection and download on their consoles.

After a lot of PS5 have likely been permanently banned from ever entering PSN again and several PS4 accounts suspended without a due date, a bunch of them are claiming to not having done anything wrong and blaming Sony for allowing the practice and now acting to enforce the TOS.

A group of PS5 owners is looking to sue Sony over their ban.

This will be a great novel to follow.

Given how so many people have been screwed over by scalpers and prevented from even getting the PS5 to make the claim, I see no problem with someone maybe getting on their friend's PS5 to make a claim.  It is anti consumer for Sony to punish anyone that had access to a PS5 one way or another, and made a claim with their legitimate PSN account.

Now people selling the access online and making a profit?  That is another story, and they are using Sony's IP to profit for themselves.  Sony has every right to go after this group of people.

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