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COKTOE said:
DonFerrari said:

If you check the PS App buggsnax have 2 entries, one that list as PS5 and PS4 and the other that we got on PS+ that is PS5-only.

twintail said:

The PS Plus version was announced as PS5 only.

But yes, cross platform titles are petty much both put on PS plus so it's understandable you would have thought so. 

Beyond these 2 things, when I redeemed it on mobile, it was listed as PS4/PS5. I was going to take a screenshot for the express purpose of having some type of backup for this thread, but I got a brand new phone, and taking a screenshot isn't done the same way as it was on my old phone ( I still don't know how, ha ) so I couldn't do it. Anyway, it's all worked out. :)

Get your act together and study this smartphone =p

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