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Mnementh said:
curl-6 said:

PS5 is already off to a stronger start than the PS4 and this time people know going in that Xbox Series won't have exclusives cos they'll be on PC as well, something that didn't become a factor until midway into Xbone's life, plus Series is inheriting a smaller base than Xbone did from 360, so PS5 may indeed manage to take even more marketshare from Microsoft this generation compared to last and grow through that.

I wouldn't put too much into that. Consoles and games sales become more and more frontloaded, so early sales tell not much.

You also have to see, that PS4 had a much more staggered launch in different region. Let's compare launch week in different regions for PS4 and PS5 (and add in Xbox for comparison):

PS4PS5Xbox OneSeries X/S
america982,3901,092,523 (+11%)652,045789,262 (+21%)
europe706,948723,341 (+2%)311,590349,697 (+12%)
japan319,689118,671 (-63%)24,79520,993 (-15%)

This stops looking that impressive anymore, right? Playstation lost two thirds of it's market in Japan, and again: Games and game stuff tends to be more and more frontloaded. And the other markets show an 11% growth in America and only 2% in europe.

Looking at the Xbox side of things, it looks a lot better gen over gen. If anything we should talk about how Xbox is dominating more this gen. And as you mentioned: this increase gen over gen is with less launch exclusives and a lower customer base to start off from last gen.

And do you really think the market for PS+Xbox is bigger this gen than the gen before? I think it stays the same at best. So if Xbox performs better it comes at the cost of Playstation.

I admit, the ROW is missing. But VGC doesn't show them separated and I don't know when PS4 and PS5 launched in the different markets. As PS5 launched in the big markets closer than PS4, I assume that this is the case for ROW-countries too, but I don't know.

As I said, I wouldn't put too much importance into launch numbers, but if we look closely they aren't showing a massive growth or so. They show that we can a similar gen in regards to sales.

PS5 lost that much in Japan, because the PS4 launched in February of 2014 instead of November of 2013 and had amassed enough stock and some games to sell. PS5 has problems regarding stock.