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sales2099 said:

Seems it’s a little common these days to hear that a Sony dev has either joined the competition or left in general. Intriguing

On the front page now we have an article of two devs from upper management leaving Bioware, but we don't have a thread about an  EA exodus.

The industry has people moving all the time, the difference now is anyone from the CEO to the Janitor leaves, VGChartz makes an article so it has more exposure now.

As to why the movement of Sony's personnel seems to hold intrigue compared to movement elsewhere, without any negatives from those moving on to drive the interest or data showing there is a unaccountable spike in movement,I would conjecture that it comes down to human nature. 

That being that we tend to see things we align with/like from a glass half full positive standpoint, while starting from a more glass half empty critical approach towards those that don't.

Research shows Video games  help make you smarter, so why am I an idiot