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Gonna chime in... yes and no.

Yes: The PS5, like the PS4 before it would b another 120M+ lifetime seller. There really is no reason to think otherwise. With the exception of the PS3 (and for obvious reasons), every PS console has managed to break 100M sales. But to say that the PS5 would be a 120M seller and with that beat the Switch sales, would also mean I am saying the Switch will not do up to 120M sales. But that brings us to the next point. And something that I see applying to both the Switch and PS5.

No: This depends on one thing. What is the Switch 2 going to be? Is it a full-on Switch 2 that replaces the Switch, or is it a Switch HD, which is basically a new version of the switch that maintains forward and backward compatibility on the platform? Either way, I expect this new version to show up by 2021/2022. If it's the latter, then the Switch (Switch + Switch lite + Switch HD) would go onto be the best selling gaming console/handheld ever made as I expect it to surpass the PS2 sales. And I believe this is what Nintendo would do. They make a Switch HD, while ensuring games made for the platform are still based on the current Switch.

TLDR: It comes down to how many consoles the Switch sells between now and 2022 when I expect the next switch would be released, and if that next switch is a new platform or just a Switch Pro which would extend the lifetime of the switch for another 4-5 years.

But this also applies to the PS5, because I believe the PS5 would be sony's first official "active" 10-year console. I believe that we will get a PS5 pro, but that it would come much later than the PS4pro did, I am pegging it to come around 2025. It would replace the PS5 as the 4K60/120fps console, dropping the PS5 to a dynamic 1440p60/120fps console. And extend the life of the PS5 for another 4-5 years too. Which would mean that the PS5 could go on to be a 130- 140M seller in its lifetime.

I also expect this is what MS will be doing with the Xbox too... that's why the machine is called "Series"... and the reason for this all comes down to the CPU in these consoles. They are powerful enough to carry them for 10 years, with the biggest cost being that they either top out at 30fps in some games or can't exceed 60fps.

Some forewarning... pretty much 95% of every single hardware related prediction I have made from 2017 till this point has come to pass. Some of my more notable ones...

  • What the switch would be hardware-wise (arm processor and a handheld/home console convertible back when all we knew was NX)
  • That there would be a handheld only version of the switch released in around 3 years after the switch released, made this prediction after the first showing of the Switch.
  • That next-gen consoles fromSony or MS would use SSDs, and in turn not need to have more than 16GB (to max 20GB) of RAM. Prediction I made when everyone thought SSDs would be price prohibitive.
  • That the next Xbox would be more powerful than the PS5, because MS needed it more than sony ever would, but that it wouldn't matter.
  • That MS was shifting focus away from consoles as their primary business model, the second they announced releasing games on PC, and over a year before Gamepass was even announced.
  • A price sandwich from MS, would have a console at $499 and one at $299/349, and sony would have a console at $399. I also said there would be digital-only SKUs released from both of them.
  • I predicted that both nextgen consoles would have GPUs more powerful than 12TF. Granted, I made his prediction long before RDNA was even announced so based on GCN architecture). Well, both consoles have GPUs that perform better than any 12TF GCN based GPU. So this one was kinda right too lol.
Last edited by Intrinsic - on 03 December 2020