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Oh Noooooo Japan Studio is dooooooomed! Just like when Mikami and Kamiya left Capcom, just like when Sakaguchi left Square, and just when like when every other perceived face of a company left it made little difference and in fact i find it necessary for the growth of any studio and franchise since it reinvigorates said studio/franchise and allows new ideas and faces to shine and get the spotlight. 

From what i can tell SIE wanted to expand Japan Studio to Make more AAA games (as per the famitsu article), but Toyama and co were more interested in Niche AA games

No amount of marketing can turn a niche game into a million seller, its the game Quality and word of Mouth and that's fact (even with Sony Marketing GR2 at PSX and E3 alongside TV ads the game sold poorly, like about 300k or so)

I guess Hades/Atelier Ryza/Hollow Knight/Atlus/Undertale/Astral Chain games sold over 1M because of their massive marketing campaigns /s.

Last edited by B6a6es - on 03 December 2020