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Next gen enhanced versions of Borderlands 3 have been compared.  Looks like the XSX has the advantage here in performance mode with a more stable and higher frame rate at a targeted 120 fps with a difference of up to 15 frames, as stated by the team at DF and seen in the video.  Both versions aim for native 1080p in performance mode.

In quality mode, both sport a solid 4k 60fps with minor dips into the 50s in rare occasions, and you really can't go wrong here.  There is mention of the PS5 version having better shadow draw and foliage density, but it is mentioned that this is likely due to the legacy code left from the X1 and PS4 that is the reason due to the exact same distinction existing between the PS4 Pro and XSX.  While this does not mean anything for a "power comparison" it is one thing that puts the PS5 version slightly ahead in this mode.

The XSS sports a more noticable dynamic 1440p resolution that remains topped at most of the time, but can sometimes drop to 2112x1188.  It does hold a solid 60 fps akin to its bigger brothers, but lacks a 120 fps mode.

Loading advantage goes to the PS5 with a general 3 second lead best case.

While the overall advantage goes to the XSX in performance and PS5 in visual (thanks to legacy code), both versions seem like a solid upgrade and you can't go wrong with either platform.

Last edited by Shiken - on 01 December 2020

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