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mk7sx said:

21.35M.  See below - its ahead of everything (even 07 NDS which had its Black Friday in week 47). 

You can access yearly data from the top (Tools > Hardware by Date > organize/filter as needed).

mk7sx said:

NSW vs. NDS/Wii Peaks (VG Chartz Data)

Quarter 4 performance added. Note that 2007 and 2009 had Black Friday during W47 instead of W48, so NSW appears to be making a run at the record there as well, next week will be a big jump of >2-2.5M, so it can net 700-1,200K over 2007. 2008 had an additional week included in the yearly total, W53 crossing between Dec/Jan with 770K. NSW is ahead of that pace and may also be getting a 53 week count.

"its ahead of everything" Well..... This breaks any records!!! Who could have predicted it? Historic moments for Big N and the Switch! Truly unstoppable!