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I mean, including every Nintendo console ever, it's probably Capcom, just because Square's home console support wasn't very good after the SNES (despite having great handheld support), whereas Capcom maintained good support for both handhelds and home consoles (I guess aside from the N64 which even then got a port of one of their most iconic games that was actually pretty good, so). I think the problem, however, is that Square kind of had their renaissance on the SNES, whereas Capcom ended up (which isn't really anyones fault, lol, just the way things work) having a LOT of their breakout franchises after Nintendo being their main platform, such as Dead Rising, Resident Evil, and Devil May Cry. Hell, even Monster Hunter's breakout outside Japan is half Nintendo's doing and half Playstation's. It's weird, the association % of Sony to Nintendo is probably about the same for Square and Capcom. But whereas Square kind of had all their biggest franchises made by the end of the SNES era, Capcom was really just starting.

For Switch, it's by far Square, but I think Capcom could get much closer by the end of the Switch's life. 

Last edited by AngryLittleAlchemist - on 01 December 2020