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We can all see that PS5 are facing a lot more competition this time around. MS have leveled the "1. party advance" And mayby has the strongest console (atleast for things not using the fast PS5 storage) and at same time offering crazy value with gamepas.

We also know that companys like google, amazon and apple wants in on the 3. party action and have billions to burn on the projekt, and Facebook not giving them any free pass in the VR department. And offcourse Nintendo in top shape is not that good either.

Most console buyers dont buy after brand name, but the actully value. Meaning Price, games, design/quality.

WiiU showed that even if a new console has better and updatet 1. party Ip's (amongst the most selling ever) and follow a 100 million console, Nothing is set in stone.

PS5 has the dualsense. I have not tried it.. but it looks very very good.  Is the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers a fad or must have?

Last edited by FromDK - on 29 November 2020