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Darwinianevolution said:
Cobretti2 said:

Both consoles sold out in Australia too. Many people complained about missing out on both.

Now if the XBOX X/S is selling like shit here due to running out of stock, there Microsoft need to step up their game and produce more consoles. Their ability to supply is what may just hinder them this gen if Sony can continue to out produce them 3 to 1.

I'm not sure the problem is supply issues. In Spain the "Play" has had a traditional advantage over the XBox. Nintendo always managed to succeed here thanks to handhelds being quite popular (even the Vita did relatively ok here, relatively). I think this is just consumer inertia.

Sorry maybe I wasn't to clear in how I wrote it.

In Australia the XBOX sold out. If sales are a similar ratio to Spain and everyone here is still chasing an Xbox, then Microsoft has lost sales and really need to step up their manufacturing before people get tired of waiting and get a PS5 if that comes back in stock first.

Basically I was implying they have an opportunity to gain some market share they lost last gen because it is currently sold out and in demand. If they can get more stock out there in stores they should be able to sell more units than last gen. 

Also COVID is definitely helping the gaming market sell consoles, both need to take advantage of it whilst it is red hot. Could see the industry grow and hopefully retain a few people post COVID when people start going back outdoors  and forget about home entertainment lol.