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Doctor_MG said:
xMetroid said:

PS4 had 0 competition, was a force in first party exclusives, had it's moment in japan when Nintendo transitionned from 3DS to Switch.
PS5 will start stronger with covid boost and whatever, but lifetime it's kinda way too early. I will say no. I don't see Sony dominating as much as they did with the PS4. We can see it probably will continue the decline in Japan. In the US i think the Xbox series X/S can put up a better fight in mid/late gen when Bethesda and their other studios starts pumping up great first party titles.

Switch started pretty slow, it was constantly on droughts for the first year and took off slowly until it's 4th year. I think the PS5 will probably trend a little higher until Switch hi 2020 and then we will see what happens from that point. But PS5 will never have a 30 million year like Switch is having right now.

I agree with everything except the Switch starting slow and droughts in the first year. The first year was stacked (second year was not), and Switch has been keeping up with PS4 until this year when it finally surpassed it (when you compare dates, not totals). 

I meant it like droughts of stock not software. I just think PS5 will have a stronger first or second year.