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Doctor_MG said:

"What do you think happens if the 3DS is priced the same as the PS4 at launch?"

I don't understand what this has to do with why "consoles" excludes handheld consoles. Home consoles and handheld consoles are different, yes. Console's without the qualifier just means any videogame console. Home consoles means home, handheld consoles means handheld, consoles (or videogame consoles specifically) means all of the above. 

Maybe I should have been more specific.

I don't think its an apt comparison between Nintendo and Sony hardware. You can't compare sales of the DS and 3DS to sales of the PS2 and PS3 for a variety of reasons. Nintendo handhelds can't be grouped in with their home consoles when determining "sales dynamics" in contrast to Sony's home consoles, as the original post I replied to concluded.