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It's easy to be reactionary now but other consoles have had good launch numbers but failed to keep momentum. Right now Sony has a high demand for a limited product. Maybe they are limited or maybe Sony is pulling a Nintendo with artificial demand. Either way, let's see what happens when it's readily available in stores. When the stock is plenty and anyone can easily walk in and buy one. Sony is usually great at keeping momentum, however. It's too early to predict what will outsell what. I'm not convinced it will outsell PS4 yet. Just too early. It doesn't really matter tho. One enjoyment of a console should never be tied to how much it sold. As of this post. PS5 and XSX are in the honeymoon period and I am seeing a lot of people not realizing that and just being reactionary/ "best ever console" "Outsell PS2" yadda. It's too early to praise or damn anything really.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!