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LudicrousSpeed said:
DonFerrari said:

Way to go. Yes let's expose TLOU2 story telling for how bad it is, right?

I think most people already know. No problems with the other awards it won, and not like any of this is a big deal anyway. 

Fall Guys winning family game is a bigger dud. 

Don't think most people already know, critics liked the story (well even giving it GOTY on that) and several players also though it. And well if this is a gamers voting and it won that should mean that most think it is a good story. So not sure most people know it is bad.

Not sure if being MP only should remove Fall Guys from the discussion. What I do know is that my daugther, son, wife, cousin and nieces loved the game and is the one the mostly played and liked in a good while, for me that qualifies it as family game.

zkp said:

Oh my bad, i was referring to people on youtube and on other sites. And two users on the first page of this thread. Sorry, i should not generalize and be more clear. 

My question was more because the way you said I had no idea if you said it because you think people that complain about TLOU2 story is wrong or if it's people that like it is wrong =p

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