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Manlytears said:
d21lewis said:

I love Astro Bot Rescue Mission. It's actually my  #34 "best game of all time". However, take away the vr and it's just Crash Bandicoot with some cool effects. It's a pretty basic platformer. I love vr. Being "in the world" adds something that you just can't get from looking at a screen (which is why RE7 is my #21 game!) but let's not get carried away here. 

You already have this scenario in your head that Nintendo is gonna rip this game off and take all the credit and that gamers are going to pretend Astro Bot never existed. Weird prediction...

Let me explain.
First, taking alway VR from Astro is, almost, like taking 3D from Mario 64, it ruins the magic. VR transforms the experience in an impressive way, as you said yourself, you feel like you are inside the game and controlling astro with a remote control, at the same time that you interact with the map with various tools to help astro cross obstacles, the experience is truly unique and original.

Moss already had a similar concept before Astro Bot. Just saying... the "unique and original" is not as unique and original as you make it out to be. 

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