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Manlytears said:
d21lewis said:

I love Astro Bot Rescue Mission. It's actually my  #34 "best game of all time". However, take away the vr and it's just Crash Bandicoot with some cool effects. It's a pretty basic platformer. I love vr. Being "in the world" adds something that you just can't get from looking at a screen (which is why RE7 is my #21 game!) but let's not get carried away here. 

You already have this scenario in your head that Nintendo is gonna rip this game off and take all the credit and that gamers are going to pretend Astro Bot never existed. Weird prediction...

Let me explain.
First, taking alway VR from Astro is, almost, like taking 3D from Mario 64, it ruins the magic. VR transforms the experience in an impressive way, as you said yourself, you feel like you are inside the game and controlling astro with a remote control, at the same time that you interact with the map with various tools to help astro cross obstacles, the experience is truly unique and original.

second, this term "rip off" should really be used more sparingly with video games. I mean, copying a successful model is not a bad thing, on the contrary, it is something that should be encouraged because it brings evolution to gender, the definitive proof that the "original concept" is something good and with room to evolve! I have no problem with the "possibility" of mario copying ideas introduced by Astro Bot, it would be like having problems with all the FPS that evolved the idea of ​​"OG the wolfenstein" or all the games that use the bases created by "OG Diablo ". my problem, in the form of a prediction, is in a different place.

The real "problem" of my prediction is the possibility of some Nintendo fans declaring that Nintendo is the creator of this concept. I am not aiming for all nintendo fans, I only point to those who give credit to Nintendo when it is not due, for example, Nintendo fans who argue that nintendo has introduced modern "Analog Sticks" and completely ignore Dual shock (sometimes even calling DS a "rip off") and disregard the fact that the design of the N64 Stick has nothing to do with modern controls!

Note: I swear, I will not discuss here questions about the merit "N64 vs DS, what is the origin of modern analogs sticks ...". I already had exhaustive discussions about the matter, it is an argument that has no end or use.

Note2: I wish you a good day.

Wait didn't the N64 controller come out before DS with analogue sticks? So it is quite easy to see what the truth of the situation is. Nintendo was the first one to create a controller with an analogue stick and the basic design is the one the industry has been using ever since. It's pretty open and shut for me rather than an argument that has no end. Nintendo dud it first that's clear and it's an analogue stick like any other that's clear. Where is the ambiguity here or room for debate?

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also