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Mnementh said:
vivster said:

Are we sure they're not just going there to build new concentration camps?

First answer and the technical progress of humankind is reduced to nationalistic politics. Not completely unexpected, but I am so fed up with this shit. *sigh*

Can't we just be happy, that technical ingenuity brings new successes in space travel that didn't happen since the 70s? We recently had successful Mars-missions, a first mission to a comet, a new space travel capsule that allows the ISS to operate again with full capacity, a first mission to the backside of the moon. Can't we just enjoy these successes, without dragging nationalities into that? Does it really matter which skin color and eye shape the engineers have?

EDIT: Sorry to rant at you this way, I know you only made a joke.

This might be a controversial opinion but torturing humans isn't a political issue. Human achievement shouldn't be celebrated if it's built on dead bodies. How nice it may be, it should absolutely not distract from bigger issues. I didn't drag human lives into this, they did and we should not forget. Not even for generally positive things, because that's what the dictators want.

Ka-pi96 said:

Where's the positive news?

Billions of dollars wasted to get a piece of rock while millions of people around the world live in abject poverty? Even if there were any decent scientific progress made from this I'd have to question whether it was worth it. But I doubt there will be. Going to the moon is just for "bragging rights" and to me spending billions of dollars of tax payer money for "bragging rights" is a reprehensible thing to do.

That is way too simplistic. While astronomy and astrophysics is the most boring field imaginable it still has brought us plenty of advances on earth and it will continue to do so.

It's wrong to say that the money is wasted. Scientific progress is absolutely necessary. The money to feed the poor is wasted elsewhere. Chastising scientists for using money for science instead of the poor is just like chastising the middle class for not donating to good causes. It's not their or our job to feed the poor. The money and manpower for that is elsewhere.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.