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eva01beserk said:
JRPGfan said:

A activison dev, has come out and said the PS5 has VRS.

Here is a software engineer, that worked on the PS5:

PS5 can use VRS, and can eliminate processing vertices, in earlier stages to free up compute/memory.
The geometry engine, in the PS5 does have the capabilities to do this.

Its just MS used it as a marketing term, and said "we support VRS", while sony hasn't spoken about it, and only a few devs have.
Have we seen VRS used in any games yet? No idea.
When will it start mattering? No idea.

Thats something even digital foundry said in a previous video, not sure wich. But its baked into the geometry engine of the PS5 so they probably have so slight differences and they dont call it VRS. MS runing with their PR is the whole reason we are in this current online hysteria about PS5 matching and sometimes outperforming the xbox. So not taking PR into consideration would be the wisest approach. 

So it would be like one putting 5 features and the other 20 but the 20 are actually the same 5 but diced apart to fill a box?

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