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noshten said:

Making it the largest launch of a 3rd Party in Japan on the Switch & the largest launch for Konami since MGSV
Depending on it's numbers it might be largest launch for Konami in the last 10 years. And they game is only entering the holiday period.
As discussed on the COMG Thread the game will be the first Japanese 3rd Party to hit 1 million.

TruckOSaurus said:

That's pretty huge! Especially since I've never heard of this series before.

Think Japanese Monopoly, top selling game in the Franchise is from way back in 1997 on the PS1 by Hudson at 770K sales. Momotaro Dentetsu is likely to surpass this figure by the end of the year physical only. 

We should look at Super Mario Party's sales and compare the two games. As I expect that Momotaro will follow a similar sales curve, thus it should eventually hit 1.5 million in Japan. 

  • Same Price
  • Launched in October
  • Same Genre
  • Didn't get additional updates to drive sales

There is plenty of rational reasons to expect Momotaro to become the first million selling Japanese 3rd Party on the Switch and to do so fairly quickly. Lets look at t Super Mario Party's launch holiday, it only launched with 126K sales in comparision. 

  • W 50 2018: Super Mario Party - 97.529
  • W 51 2018: Super Mario Party - 155.060
  • W 52 2018:Super Mario Party - 98.682
  • W 1 2019: Super Mario Party - 95.102

Super Mario Party TOTAL: 446.373 (58% of Annual Sales)

Lets say Momotaro doesn't achieve the same numbers, instead it has an average of 70K compared to Super Mario Party's 111K average. Thats still 280K physical and would bring total shipped numbers to over 800K for the year, add a conservative 10% digital and we are very close to 1M shipped + digital. The initial shipment of 500K will be sold before Week 50 BTW, I can guarantee that without needing a precedent. 

  • 2018: Super Mario Party - 764.853
  • 2019: Super Mario Party - 497.862
  • 2020: Super Mario Party - 332.310*

Arcade games, party games, and tabletop games must be on Switch. Just imagine Fall Guys in Switch with dozens of Nintendo costumes.