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DonFerrari said:

Sony have been very silent with PS5. Besides SSD and Tempest Chip they have been very brief on everything else during the reveal. So we can't really be sure of what is there or not, sure since if they haven't specifically talked about it then it's fair to assume it isn't in the PS5. Although I think oodle textures was mentioned as is equivalent to VRS right?

A activison dev, has come out and said the PS5 has VRS.

Here is a software engineer, that worked on the PS5:

PS5 can use VRS, and can eliminate processing vertices, in earlier stages to free up compute/memory.
The geometry engine, in the PS5 does have the capabilities to do this.

Its just MS used it as a marketing term, and said "we support VRS", while sony hasn't spoken about it, and only a few devs have.
Have we seen VRS used in any games yet? No idea.
When will it start mattering? No idea.