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Manlytears said:
OTBWY said:

I don't need to play your glorified tech demo to assert that your claim is ridiculous. I mean, if I look at the game itself it looks very much ripped from Mario. Even moreso than the new Little Big Planet game. And no, adaptive triggers don't matter.

Edit: You mean the VR game. My mistake. But.. still applies. VR doesn't matter. 

i will have to agree with your edit., it's fair... VR doesn't matter right now.
For now VR is almost irrelevant, however I believe that  the technology has a future. When that future arrives, I believe that Nintendo will copy the concept created by Astro bot VR.
Also, I am happy to clarify any misunderstandings. And yes, "Astro's Playroom", despite being a good game (short, but still very good), does not compare with Mario, saying something different, in fact, is insane.

What do you mean by "Nintendo will copy the concept created by Astro Bot VR?"

Do you mean like Astro Bot copied the core concept of 3D jump and run defined by Mario 64 and place it in VR? Please explain.

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