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Pemalite said:
Hynad said:

I’m sure you already know that, but since you keep arguing that we somehow already know everything about the console, Cerny did not mention every single feature the system is capable of, and the teardown didn’t provide much either.

Why you keep arguing this stance about the PS5 is peculiar.

I'm not arguing about this "particular" stance in regards to the Playstation 5. It's the same stance regardless of console.
I am a PC gamer first and foremost, I have no brand loyalty to the consoles.

So by your logic... If 7 years into the consoles cycle and there is no mention of variable rate shading, can we still assume the console has it "hidden away"?
Where do we draw the line on where we can discount a certain feature being present in the hardware?
The Playstation 3 was never mentioned to have a Tessellation unit, but the Xbox 360 did have that technology, do we still assume that the Playstation 3 might have the technology because Sony never discussed it? No. No we do not.

I get that not every feature will be mentioned, but you generally assume large and important features will be mentioned and variable rate shading is one such feature that is gaining prominence on the PC due to the efficiency gains it brings forth.

Digital Foundry even goes on the record to assert that there is little/no evidence of variable rate shading.

The Playstation 5's Graphics API's do actually support the feature as well. (I.E. Vulkan and OpenGL.)
RDNA1 doesn't support the feature, RDNA2 does support the feature. - You need both software and hardware support to leverage the hardware feature.

The feature can be done entirely in software if a developer wished to go down that path outside of hardware/API. (Unlikely.)

That is my position... And that is to assume the feature isn't present because there is no evidence of it, there has been no discussion by Sony about it.
And I am happy to change my view when new evidence/statement from Sony comes forward regarding it.

I hold the same position in regards to the existence of God, that because there is no evidence of God, I will discard the idea that God exists until such a time it can be proven empirically. It's logical.

And... PS5 is RDNA2. So why do you question this?