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Well over 50. But I'm building up a 16-Bit Collection to run on my Mega SG, and Super NT (whenever I can buy one that is.) As for new releases in 2020, I've bought...

Persona 5 Royal
TLoU Part II
Animal Crossing New Horizons
Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition
Doom Eternal
Final Fantasy VII Remake
13 Sentinels Aegis Rim
Nioh 2
Ghost of Tsushima
Pikmin 3 Deluxe
Streets of Rage 4
Yakuza Remastered
Trails of Cold Steel IV
Rune Factory 4 Special
Sakuna of Rice and Ruin
Panzer Paladin

Overall, this is a slow year for me. Normally I buy about 24 $60 games a year. This year, I haven't hit that number even when including Indies, and "New" releases like Pikmin 3, and Yakuza Remastered Collection.

Last edited by Cerebralbore101 - on 23 November 2020